Public Intro – Kayla Martinson


My name is Kayla Martinson and I am entering my second year at CSU. Like many of you, my major is English education and, also like many of you, I’m in this field because of several very special teachers who inspired me to pursue English as a career. I had always enjoyed English, but I never paid attention to the meanings and morals beneath the prose until those teachers pointed it out, found all the clues until I was competent enough to find (most of) them on my own. From that point on, English has been my favorite class.

As a person who is seemingly never at a loss for words, defining myself as an educator still trips me up. I keep thinking, How am I supposed to answer such a complex question when I’m still a student myself? But, as the question keeps coming up, I looked back at those years in high school and the teachers I admired and I may have finally stumbled across the answer of who I want to be as an educator.

I want to be friendly, likeable, and approachable. I want to be firm but fair, clear and concise, patient and supportive. I want my students to understand my lessons but not afraid to ask questions, and I definitely want to be able to answer them. I would like my students to like me, but I want them to respect me – I’m not their friend, but a guiding force in their education. I want my classroom, and school in general, to be an extension of the students’ families because, as proven by my mom and dad, no makes a better teacher than someone who knows how to be a great parent.


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